OSAE Gives Back

I love the meeting community in which I work!  In so many ways events are about the people and communities in which they are held.   Recently I had the opportunity to work on a community outreach project during the 2015 OSAE Meeting in Dayton Ohio.  Over the course of the 2+ day meeting the attendees were encouraged to help make blankets that would be given to a local women’s shelter.  The goal was to complete 80 blankets over the course of the meeting.

While the production was slow to begin with, enthusiasm picked up as the conference continued.  You would see small groups of people working on the blankets during each session or over a round table during the keynote speakers.  It was really neat to watch everyone work for a common cause.  Great networking and conversations took place as we tied the blankets together.  By the end of the conference the organizers were able to present the Executive Director of the Artemis Center the 80 complete blankets with a huge smile and support of a couple hundred meeting professionals.

As I come home and begin to plan my next event – my thoughts are definitely on the possibilities of incorporating a similar community event for my participants.