Do Something!

So many people today talk about change.  They talk about how they would like things to be different in their jobs, at home or with relationships.  They talk, they dream, they think – they never do.  While all of those steps are necessary to bring about change, they miss the point!  Only through action will … [Read more…]

OSAE Gives Back

I love the meeting community in which I work!  In so many ways events are about the people and communities in which they are held.   Recently I had the opportunity to work on a community outreach project during the 2015 OSAE Meeting in Dayton Ohio.  Over the course of the 2+ day meeting the … [Read more…]

Thank you Etihad Airlines!

One of the many sponsors for my recent educational trip to Malaysia was Etihad Airlines.  Etihad Airways is the flag carrier and the second-largest airline of the United Arab Emirates, after Emirates. The service, staff and experience was top-notched.  I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful trip and excellent service for the 45 hours … [Read more…]